Sven Sachsalber // A B BC

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A B BC is an artist book by Sven Sachsalber which collects 150 collages made in the last five years out of the notorious Artforum’s back advertising covers of Bruno Bischofberger Gallery. The legendary Swiss dealer advertised his gallery for more than half of the magazine’s existence with bucolic photographs of alpine scenery and rural life similar to where Sachsalber grew up.
Sachsalber undid the typography on the back cover by pasting paper over the text, filling in the blanks with pastel colors, restoring the image back to something approximating an original form. The result is an improved Artforum bootleg made entirely from b-sides.

Publisher: Nero
250 pages
29cm × 26cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788880560104
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