Zehra Khan & Tim Winn // A Sunny Day for Flowers

In A Sunny Day for Flowers, animals frolic with flowers in a sunny world where real objects and a paper reality collide. Paper flowers are held, smelled, spoken to and danced with by a menagerie of animals that were either drawn, made out of paper, or are actually photographs of people dressed in paper costumes. The delightful animal/flower encounters are accompanied by simple and humorous words and phrases that encourage readers to stop and smell the roses.

Zehra Khan & Tim Winn create multimedia installations and performances in which drawing is always a central element. A collaborative team since 2010, the pair met while pursuing MFA degrees at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Provincetown, MA. Zehra and Tim’s work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States

Publisher: Soberscove Press
Series: Artists' Board Books
16 pages
16 colour illustrations
16cm × 16cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781940190020
8,00 €
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