Heimo Lattner // A Voice that Once Was in One's Mouth

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Would it be a mistake to think that the concern to raise the voice has to do with a capacity that certain individuals have? Would it be a mistake to think that the inclination to speak up comes from a subject whose disposition is to doubt, query, be skeptical or be an inquisitive observer? Would it be a mistake to assume that the voice lies at the core of all social bonds?
Six conversations recorded in Berlin between the artist Heimo Lattner and colleagues, focusing on the artist's research and practice, especially around the recurring theme of the voice, which Lattner's work queries as fundamental to issues concerning the formation of social and cultural identity.

Contributors: Karolin Nedelmann, Moritz von Rappard, Judith Raum, Brandon LaBelle, Jassem Hindi
Publisher: Errant Bodies Press
Series: Critical Ear Vol. 6
174 pages
25 black and white illustrations
14cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780982743997
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