Didier Volckaert // Animated Life / Otaku Futurism


Didier Volckaert, aka Ikari 'Ellis' Katsumi, has compiled an impressive collection of images and authored a fascinating travelogue guiding us through the world of Otaku culture.
Animated Life / Otaku Futurism puts us at the threshold of Anime as life itself, the complex and refined form of reality lived by Otaku. Thoroughly researched, intense & far-reaching, this volume is, in the words of Ikari 'Ellis' Katsumi, an omiyage, a source of strategies, a sea of possibilities, a manifest, a gift.

Author(s): Ikari 'Ellis' Katsumi
728 pages
13cm × 18cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EN / JP
ISBN: 978 94 9232 190 9
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