Emma Waltraud Howes // Ankyloglossia

(n. Tongue-tie)
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Ankyloglossia (n. Tongue-tie) is a volume of parts, carefully composed through compiled notes, diagrams, and scores that act as an extension for a new installation work of the same title by Canadian artist Emma Waltraud Howes. The artist book’s layout and dramaturgy are inspired by three seminal performance works—Yvonne Rainer’s choreography The Mind is a Muscle (1968) and Samuel Beckett’s pieces Not I (1972) as well as Quad (1981). Exploring perspectives towards gesture and non-semantic language, Howes questions the ethics of choreography in search of a new means of expression. A variety of textual contributions produced by the artist herself and a series of invited collaborators—B, Patricia Reed, Gregor Runge, Lorenzo Sandoval, Anna-Sophie Springer, and Maxwell Stephens—reference, explore, and appropriate connections to and between these historic works. Brought together in this way as an ensemble, these artists and writers appear in the interludes, the intermission, and in scattered scenes, pronouncing their participation in what is an evolving theater.

Contributors: B, Emma Waltraud Howes, Patricia Reed, Gregor Runge, Lorenzo Sandoval, Anna-Sophie Springer, Maxwell Stephens
Publisher: K. Verlag
120 pages
65 colour illustrations
8 black and white illustrations
20cm × 27cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783941230354
18,00 €
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