This book gathers together, like a bundle of sticks, some of the materials produced during this series of discussions, which took place around a circular table designed by Enzo Cucchi, and positioned in the garden of Villa Maraini, the Istituto Svizzero di Roma. Drawings, dialogues, arguments, and notes—along with photos—have been selected, graphically re-adapted in black-and-white, and folded into a bundle of paper together with a guidebook with color images. They all guide the reader through the construction of Cattedrale.

Contributors: Sunah Choi, Enzo Cucchi, Paolo Do, Michele Di Menna, Daniel Knorr, Salvatore Lacagnina, Victor Man, Maximage, Lorenzo Micheli Gigotti, Dan Perjovschi, Fabio Marco Pirovino, Thomas Sauter, Valentina Vetturi, Maximilian Zentz Zlomovitz, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski
Publisher: Nero
197 pages
21cm × 30cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788897503736
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