Peter Koole & Anne Dijkstra // (con) textual

What do we really read?

Eindhoven based artist Anne Dijkstra and Rotterdam based artist Peter Koole both create ‘flat works’ such as drawings and paintings, in which they relate visual documentation to inter-textual, autonomous reconfigurations. By operating through textual deconstruction and exploring the connotative area(s) between original truth and subjective truth, these artists visually question our reading of acceptable literary anchor points such as daily news items (Koole) and classic literature (Dijkstra). By using what could almost be considered design typologies, they de- and reconstruct this framework. These statements enable them to (open up the possibility to) engage in an ethical debate concerning our reception of the visual: what do we really read?

Contributors: Bas Kwakman, Frank Lubbers and Freek Lomme
Publisher: Onomatopee
Series: OMP 50.1 - Nest 2
64 pages
15cm × 20cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789078454441
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