Markus Raetz // Eben


In spring 1971 Markus Raetz created an animated film in the southern Spanish town of Carboneras based on 1,525 drawings in ink on paper. This work of animation art, which remained largely unknown to the general public, has now been published in a digital version, as a DVD. Raetz’ early work, entitled eben, already features the mastery with which the artist regularly highlights the everyday miracles that exist in the permanent metamorphosis of objects, a recurrent theme throughout his oeuvre. The DVD includes a booklet with an essay by Max Wechsler in which animation, characters and film are placed in the context of the work’s genesis at the time and revealed as genuine elements of his work.

Selected as one of the most beautiful books in Switzerland 2005.

Contributors: Max Wechsler
Publisher: Edizioni Periferia
96 pages
15cm × 21cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783907474144
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