Katrin Korfmann // Ensembles Assembled

In Full Colour

Dutch photographer Katrin Korfmann could never make her monumental aerial photographs without being suspended in a crane above each specific location she selects. The locations are determined by her need to record a sea of humanity congregated in one spot such as Fool’s Day festival in Ibi, Spain, where the community throws flour and eggs and shoots fire extinguishers at each other. Fluorescent colors are added over the writhing content, creating a psychedelic surface that at first glance seems decorative, but at closer inspection, comes alive with human bodies. The works are a fluid mix between social realism and euphoric abstraction. The hybrid artist book/ exhibition catalogue is designed as one long Japanese fold-out inviting close examination while still representing the complete series. Art in America critic Gregory Volk and curator Freek Lomme contribute texts discussing the production, reception and context of the work.

Contributors: Gregory Volk, Freek Lomme
Publisher: Onomatopee
Series: OMP 96
108 pages
18cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789491677199
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