Angela Marzullo // Homeschooling

“Homeschooling” (parental education) is at the center of the performance and production by Angela Marzullo. The artist took some crucial texts of the twentieth century from authors such as Benjamin or Pasolini as well as issues related to feminism as a starting point of her videos in which her two daughters are involved as actresses and protagonists.

The publication presents a decade of Marzullo’s filmic production, highlighting the evocative value of the images and the texts used in the artist’s videos.

With its large expressive images alongside texts and dialogues re-proposed in lyrical or literary form, Homeschooling juxtaposes twentieth-century feminist thought and criticism with the personal experience of the artist, as well as with new feminist approaches in contemporary art.


Contributors: Anna Cestelli Guidi, Francesco Ventrella
Publisher: Nero
232 pages
12cm × 20cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788897503866
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