Titlesort descending Artist/author Price
See it Again, Say... Janneke Wesseling Out of print £18.00
Selective Memory... Cosima Rainer (ed.) Upcoming £15.00
Self-Reliance... Temporary Services £5.00
Shadows £5.99
Silhouettes Tonio Kröner Upcoming £9.00
Size Matters Sarah Thelwall £6.00
Slow Reader Ana Paula Pais, Carolyn F. Strauss £20.00
Solidarity Poiesis... Robin Vanbesien £12.00
Some Use for Your... Christophe Meierhans £5.00
Sovereign Words Upcoming £22.50
Spaces for Criticism £20.00
Spectacle, Pleasure... Sonke Gau, Katharina Schlieben £21.50
Spectropoetics Sven Augustijnen £7.00
Stagings Sandra Schaefer £16.00
Subject Matter of... Robert Goodnough £10.00
Sun-Shine, Moonshine £5.99
Take Place Helen Westgeest Out of print £17.00
Teaching Art in the... Pascal Gielen, Paul De Bruyne Last copies £20.00
The Art of Civil... Philipp Dietachmair & Pascal Gielen £20.00
The Book of... Raoul Vaneigem £10.00