Tomoo Arakawa // Laugh at eXperience

In a surprising counterpoint to sunny LA, Tomoo Arakawa embodies the bad-boy spirit in a series of short lines and images. Arakawa permits the reader ultimate freedom: read front to back or back to front, skip around, let your attentions run unbridled, and find, perhaps, new and unexpected pairings between text and image. Laugh at Experience captures, in the era of auto-correct and internet obsession, the quintessence of art, literature, and West Coast living.
Based in Fukushima, Tomoo Arakawa is an artist and owner, alongside his brother Ei Arakawa, of Green Tea Gallery.

Publisher: Montez Press
184 pages
184 black and white illustrations
11cm × 16cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783945247204
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