How Visual Arts, Cinema and Literature Are Telling the World Today

This book considers the importance given today to the research for new narrative modes in artistic practices: visual arts, cinema, and literature.
To tackle the question of narration in its ruptures and mutations in an age of media culture and influences of video games—where the ludic and interactive principle is an important element—is a way to draw up an inventory of the Nineties, a time when art starts to function like some kind of editing table on which the artists can recreate daily reality. Through that reflection on time, the question is to show how its new languages and new ways of writing are representative of the contemporary imaginary expressed in it and to reaffirm that the work of art is an “event” before being a monument or a mere testimony, an event which constitutes an experience drawing in the spectator.

Contributors: René Audet, Claude Romano, Laurence Dreyfus, Carl Therrien, Hugues Marchal
Publisher: Dis Voir
128 pages
42 black and white illustrations
17cm × 22cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782914563307
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