Title Artist/author Category Pricesort descending
Rehearsing... New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
Bitter Things New Theory £15.00
News 3 Bouchra Khalili Upcoming Contemporary Art 15,00 €
Field Poetics Kristen Kreider, James O’Leary New Contemporary Art £15.00
It is Foul Weather... Riccardo Boglione New Contemporary Art £15.00
News 2 Frida Escobedo Upcoming Contemporary Art 15,00 €
The Graveside... Dale Holmes & Sharon Kivland (eds) New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
Fragments I Vangjush Vellahu New Theory £15.00
Buon Lavoro! Cora Piantoni New Contemporary Art £15.00
Metabolic Rifts New Theory 16,00 €
Where is Cinema? Anouk de Clercq Upcoming Theory 16,00 €
Dirty Theory Hélène Frichot New Architecture and Design 16,00 €
I don't know... Erik Hagoort New Contemporary Art £17.50
The Trade of the... Jeroen Lutters New Theory £17.50
Ankersentrum Natascha Süder Happelmann New Contemporary Art 18,00 €
To become Two Alex Martinis Roe New Theory £18.00
The Queerness of... Ana Hoffner New Theory £18.00
Being Together... New Theory £18.00
Habitats Studio Julia New Architecture and Design £18.00
The Glossary of... Warren Neidich New Theory 18,00 €