Title Artist/author Category Pricesort descending
The Queerness of... Ana Hoffner New Theory £18.00
Future Rural Archive New Architecture and Design £18.95
Star Route 1 New Contemporary Art £18.95
Scandalous Space Alessandro Zambelli New Architecture and Design 19,00 €
The Death of... Marcus White & Nano Langenheim New Architecture and Design 19,00 €
Home Reassembled New Architecture and Design £19.50
TheParallelShow Frans van Lent New Contemporary Art £19.50
Postapocalyptic... Laura Preston & Tanja Widmann (eds) New Contemporary Art 19,80 €
Courageous Citizens New Contemporary Art £19.90
Design Dedication Annelys de Vet & Astrid Vorstermans (eds.) Upcoming Architecture and Design 19,90 €
Plan and Play,... Janwillem Schrofer New Contemporary Art £19.90
Practising Art... Upcoming Theory 19,90 €
Lost in Media New Theory 19,90 €
The Future of the... New Theory £19.90
environments Nuno da luz Upcoming Sound Art 20,00 €
Towards (Im)... Miya Yoshida New Theory £20.00
Song of Songs Frosh Samo Upcoming Contemporary Art 20,00 €
Playground '16... New Contemporary Art £20.00
A Live Gathering:... (eds.) Ana Vujanović with Livia Andrea Piazza New Contemporary Art 20,00 €
Reunión Dani Zelko Upcoming Contemporary Art 20,00 €