Title Artist/author Category Pricesort descending
The Constituent... New Contemporary Art £27.50
The Long 1980s New Contemporary Art £27.50
A E I OU Tony Fretton New Architecture and Design £27.50
Japan in der DDR Tamami Iinuma New Architecture and Design 28,00 €
Diversity is Power René Tosari New Contemporary Art £29.50
Performing Grounds Patrick Morarescu New Photography £30.00
INCOMPIUTO New Architecture and Design £30.00
The Distances... Sarah Pollman New Photography £30.00
The Ghost Cars Frédérick Carnet New Photography £30.00
The New Craft School Susanne Pietsch, Eireen Schreurs, Sereh Mandias, Dolf Broekhuizen New Theory £30.00
The university is... Joaquim Moreno New Theory £30.00
Hide Jason Vaughn New Photography £30.00
Sowing Somankidi... Raphaël Grisey New Contemporary Art £32.00
Piece of Colonne.... Tamami Iinuma New Photography 32,00 €
Hard Werken One for... Ian Horton, Bettina Furnée New Architecture and Design £35.00
I Narheten John Hakansson New Photography £35.00
Rotunda II Dennis Hankvist (Ed.) New Architecture and Design 35,00 €
Animated Life /... Didier Volckaert Upcoming Contemporary Art £39.00
Archive Species New Contemporary Art £39.50
A Critical History... Upcoming Theory 39,95 €