Title Artist/author Categorysort ascending Price
Economie de l'... Etienne Chambaud Upcoming Theory £10.00
The New Craft School Susanne Pietsch, Eireen Schreurs, Sereh Mandias, Dolf Broekhuizen New Theory £30.00
The Desire for Haiku Emma Bolland New Theory £3.00
A Critical History... Upcoming Theory 39,95 €
The Transhistorical... New Theory £25.00
The university is... Joaquim Moreno New Theory £30.00
The Glossary of... Warren Neidich New Theory 18,00 €
To become Two Alex Martinis Roe New Theory £18.00
Notes on Archives 1 Ines Schaber New Theory £24.00
The Square in a... Benoît Maire Upcoming Theory £16.00
On Violence Rebecca Jagoe, Sharon Kivland New Theory £15.00
Aneducation -... New Theory £15.00
L'ECHEC DE... Derek Beaulieu New Theory £5.00
Love Is The... Rebecca La Marre New Theory £7.50
LA BIBLIOTECA DE... Penny McCarthy New Theory £5.00
’68NOW New Theory 6,00 €
Bitter Things New Theory £15.00
Our Libraries Fabienne Bideaud, Sharon Kivland New Theory £9.00
The Queerness of... Ana Hoffner New Theory £18.00
Those who are dead... Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung New Theory £10.00