Title Artist/authorsort descending Category Price
LA A DYBIRD Rachel Cattle Upcoming Contemporary Art 10,00 €
Sowing Somankidi... Raphaël Grisey New Contemporary Art £32.00
cantiere barca raumlabor New Architecture and Design £14.00
On Violence Rebecca Jagoe, Sharon Kivland New Theory £15.00
Love Is The... Rebecca La Marre New Theory £7.50
More Than Bauhaus Regina Stephan New Architecture and Design 24,00 €
Diversity is Power René Tosari New Contemporary Art £29.50
CucamoNga Ricardo Pohlenz New Contemporary Art £10.00
It is Foul Weather... Riccardo Boglione New Contemporary Art £15.00
M1 Ricky Adam New Photography £25.00
LIVRE, LIVRET, LIVER Rona Lorimer New Theory £5.00
Die Stimme als... Sabeth Buchmann, Jens Kastner, Ruth Sonderegger, Andreas Spiegl (Hg.) New Theory £18.00
The Distances... Sarah Pollman New Photography £30.00
Habitats Studio Julia New Architecture and Design £18.00
Lonely Planet Susan Kooi New Contemporary Art £21.50
Soleca Planedo Susan Kooi New Contemporary Art 60,00 €
The New Craft School Susanne Pietsch, Eireen Schreurs, Sereh Mandias, Dolf Broekhuizen New Theory £30.00
Japan in der DDR Tamami Iinuma New Architecture and Design 28,00 €
Piece of Colonne.... Tamami Iinuma New Photography 32,00 €
Loss Timothy Perkins Upcoming Contemporary Art £8.50