Title Artist/author Category Pricesort ascending
On Violence Rebecca Jagoe, Sharon Kivland New Theory £15.00
The Graveside... Dale Holmes & Sharon Kivland (eds) Upcoming Contemporary Art 15,00 €
A Greater Miracle... Miracle Workers Collective New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
See Play Eat Walk New Architecture and Design £15.00
Bitter Things New Theory £15.00
The Storyseller Assaf Gruber New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
Fragments I Vangjush Vellahu New Theory £15.00
Field Poetics Kristen Kreider, James O’Leary New Contemporary Art £15.00
Selective Memory... Cosima Rainer (ed.) Upcoming Theory £15.00
Homecomings New Contemporary Art £15.00
EU r US Yves Mettler Upcoming Photography £15.00
It is Foul Weather... Riccardo Boglione New Contemporary Art £15.00
Sticky Stage Discoteca Flaming Star New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
What if it won... New Contemporary Art £15.00
Rehearsing... New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
Buon Lavoro! Cora Piantoni New Contemporary Art £15.00
Das Beiwerk Nik Thoenen Upcoming Theory £14.50
Eight Years David Jourdan Upcoming Theory £14.00
cantiere barca raumlabor New Architecture and Design £14.00
Film in the Present... New Theory £13.00