Title Artist/author Category Pricesort ascending
News 2 Frida Escobedo Upcoming Contemporary Art 15,00 €
The Graveside... Dale Holmes & Sharon Kivland (eds) New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
Field Poetics Kristen Kreider, James O’Leary New Contemporary Art £15.00
Undeclared... Krystian Woznicki Upcoming Theory 15,00 €
Buon Lavoro! Cora Piantoni New Contemporary Art £15.00
A Manifesto on the... APRDELESP Upcoming Theory 15,00 €
A Greater Miracle... Miracle Workers Collective New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
The Storyseller Assaf Gruber New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
What if it won... New Contemporary Art £15.00
cantiere barca raumlabor New Architecture and Design £14.00
Tracing the... Nadine Zeidler New Contemporary Art £12.00
Notes on Archives 3 Ines Schaber New Theory 12,00 €
Notes on Archives 5 Stefan Pente & Ines Schaber New Theory 12,00 €
Library Paul Buck New Contemporary Art £12.00
Objektophilia Susan Finlay Upcoming Contemporary Art 12,00 €
Notes on Archives 2 Ines Schaber New Photography £12.00
Winter Strangers Isobel Wohl New Contemporary Art 10,00 €
Those who are dead... Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung New Theory £10.00
Die gestorben sind... Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung New Contemporary Art 10,00 €
Malos Pensamientos Luis Safa Upcoming Contemporary Art £10.00