Title Artist/author Categorysort ascending Price
普遍与特殊: 何为亚洲性? Naoki Sakai & Sun Ge New Theory 10,00 €
Universality and... New Theory 10,00 €
Das Beiwerk Nik Thoenen Upcoming Theory £14.50
Conceptual Art in a... Nathalie Zonnenberg New Theory £25.00
Flourishing... New Theory £25.50
The Trade of the... Jeroen Lutters New Theory £17.50
Fragments I Vangjush Vellahu New Theory £15.00
Lost in Media New Theory 19,90 €
Selective Memory... Cosima Rainer (ed.) Upcoming Theory £15.00
Die Stimme als... Sabeth Buchmann, Jens Kastner, Ruth Sonderegger, Andreas Spiegl (Hg.) New Theory £18.00
Practising Art... Upcoming Theory 19,90 €
Towards (Im)... Miya Yoshida New Theory £20.00
Metabolic Rifts New Theory 16,00 €
Film in the Present... New Theory £13.00
Economie de l'... Etienne Chambaud Upcoming Theory £10.00
The New Craft School Susanne Pietsch, Eireen Schreurs, Sereh Mandias, Dolf Broekhuizen New Theory £30.00
A Critical History... Upcoming Theory 39,95 €
The Desire for Haiku Emma Bolland New Theory £3.00
The Glossary of... Warren Neidich New Theory 18,00 €
To become Two Alex Martinis Roe New Theory £18.00