Title Artist/authorsort ascending Category Price
A Greater Miracle... Miracle Workers Collective New Contemporary Art 15,00 €
Thinking The Veil Michel Mouffe New Contemporary Art £65.00
Beyond Walter... Michael Hampton New Contemporary Art £5.00
The Death of... Marcus White & Nano Langenheim Upcoming Architecture and Design 19,00 €
Because you are... Maik Banks New Contemporary Art £6.00
Malos Pensamientos Luis Safa Upcoming Contemporary Art £10.00
Voyage Voyage Loïc Thisse New Photography £12.00
I sweat Lisa Holzer Upcoming Contemporary Art £24.00
Postapocalyptic... Laura Preston & Tanja Widmann (eds) Upcoming Contemporary Art 19,80 €
Mother, We All Have... Lara Konrad New Contemporary Art £12.00
Field Poetics Kristen Kreider, James O’Leary New Contemporary Art £15.00
Entertaining Ideas Kate Briggs Upcoming Contemporary Art 9,00 €
Vita Husen John Hakansson New Photography £26.00
I Narheten John Hakansson New Photography £35.00
The university is... Joaquim Moreno New Theory £30.00
In the Shadow of... Jeroen Lutters New Contemporary Art 25,00 €
The Trade of the... Jeroen Lutters New Theory £17.50
Hide Jason Vaughn New Photography £30.00
Plan and Play,... Janwillem Schrofer New Contemporary Art £19.90
Winter Strangers Isobel Wohl Upcoming Contemporary Art 10,00 €