Title Artist/authorsort descending Category Price
Frutas... Eduardo Arias G. New Photography £10.00
Next Spring: An... Elena Parpa New Contemporary Art £12.00
The Desire for Haiku Emma Bolland New Theory £3.00
Fenduq Éric Van Hove New Contemporary Art £22.50
I don't know... Erik Hagoort New Contemporary Art £17.50
Economie de l'... Etienne Chambaud Upcoming Theory £10.00
Our Libraries Fabienne Bideaud, Sharon Kivland New Theory £9.00
Towards the Altar... Federico Lodoli, Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli New Contemporary Art £20.00
The Disoeuvre Felicity Allen Upcoming Contemporary Art 9,00 €
TheParallelShow Frans van Lent New Contemporary Art £19.50
The Ghost Cars Frédérick Carnet New Photography £30.00
Tönend hallt die... Gregor Hildebrandt New Contemporary Art 49,00 €
Souvenir Guillermo Báez New Contemporary Art £10.00
Planned Obsolescence Henning Lundkvist New Contemporary Art £10.00
Hard Werken One for... Ian Horton, Bettina Furnée New Architecture and Design £35.00
The Fine Art of... Ina Wudtke New Photography £18.00
Notes on Archives 1 Ines Schaber New Theory £24.00
Notes on Archives 4 Ines Schaber New Photography £12.00
Notes on Archives 2 Ines Schaber New Photography £12.00
Winter Strangers Isobel Wohl Upcoming Contemporary Art 10,00 €