Gjergji Shkurti // On The Rocks

Gjergji Shkurti is a New York based author and architect born in Albania. His writing explores architecture as fiction while incorporating a filmic imagination. He aimes to push literature forward as a multiverse narrative. Set inside the tectonic grid of New York City, On THE ROCKS is collection of short stories: amalgamations of stunt man action films, artistic distractions, architectural investigations, hip hop axioms, cowboy westerns, travel guides, love stories. It is uncompromising in its aggressive structure and dead serious humor. These narratives are set against a series of drawings by LINETYPE that corroborate, interrogate, and surprise the narrative. Together the two create a rich and textured inquiry into the geography of capitalist New York.

Contributors: LINETYPE (Tyler Putnam)
Publisher: Montez Press
158 pages
14 black and white illustrations
9cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783945247143
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