How nice to design culture! But how shall we do this? Who is able to do so, who is empowered, and who’s acting? …And why and how should we get more involved…?
Onomatopee playfully frames and manifests our progressive capacity to design culture. At Onomatopee, architects, urban planners, graphic and spatial designers, cultural critics, marketers, artists, politicians and others willing to engage with the meaningfulness of designed culture, get together, within a constructive sphere of nurturing, cultural citizenship, to negotiate and establish our cultural future via design’s playful, political practice. Each project consists of an exhibition, which allows our experience to become resistant, and a publication that gives context to our imaginations. Projects expand upon both real-time cases and abstract thought.
Onomatopee mediates between professionals and the general public, interconnecting people’s perspectives and professions, and thus taking on the role of cultural producer of public interests. An average of 20.000 people engage with the Onomatopee project-space in Eindhoven annually, whilst the publications are distributed via bookshops, fairs and various presentations around the world.
Onomatopee has three modes of production. The Research Projects – self-initiated and self-produced – constitute Onomatopee’s core. These projects establish a public sphere of negotiation relating to our daily surroundings. NEST Projects – initiated by Onomatopee on a project basis – thematically show and frame new, young and local art and design talents. Cabinet Projects – collaborations, both artistically as well as in terms of production – with other institutions or individuals who share our passion to playfully enact design’s criticality.
All in all, Onomatopee is a movement by and for anyone interested in engaging with the quests and cases fundamental to our designed culture. Let’s try to open up this field and make it accessible for everyone – let’s enjoy playing with the parameters!