Temporary Services // Public Phenomena

Informal Modifications of Shared Spaces

This booklet was our first publication focusing on documentation of Public Phenomena. It includes 44 color photos, none of which were repeated in our later book, that go right to the edge of the page.

For our later book we wrote: "From roadside memorials to makeshift barriers, people consistently alter shared common spaces to suit their needs, or let both man-made and natural aberrations run wild. The result is a new kind of public space – with creative and inspiring moments that push past the original planned design of cities." All of these photos were taken in Chicago and the Midwest. The themes this time around are: roadside memorials, parking place savers, block club signs, homemade basketball hoops, and an anomalous image of a truck rebuilt inside a tree. The variety of photos of the myriad amusing ways that Chicagoans block off space for their car in the winter after a snowstorm is particularly rich in this booklet.

Publisher: Half Letter Press
28 pages
14cm × 22cm
Format: Paperback
4,50 €
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