Hans Danuser // The Counting out Rhymes Project

Entscheidungsfindung [Decision Taking]

The artist Hans Danuser has devoted himself to the study of counting rhymes for many years. «Eeny, meeny, mini, moe» – a counting rhyme. Isn’t that pure nonsense? Aren’t such rhymes leftovers from long gone childhood days? Maybe. On the other hand, the highflown rationalism of adulthood may not be as rational as we think. Hans Danuser has succumbed to the charm and depth of childlike reason. His «Counting Out Rhymes Project» plays with letters and the latent meaning of words. The sophisticated world of academia has the same building blocks of meaning as do artists and children. We are fools when we lose our childlike faith. With an essay by the Zürich philosopher Ursula Pia Jauch.

Contributors: Ursula Pia Jauch, Beat Stutzer
Publisher: Edizioni Periferia
64 pages
32 colour illustrations
24cm × 30cm
Format: Hardback
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783907474532
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