The Interjection Calendar 002

The Interjection Calendar is an online project, devised and hosted by Montez Press. Each month an artist or writer is commissioned to produce a new piece of work for release on their website. The PDF can be downloaded for free and there are 12 releases per year, in line with the calendar theme. At the end of the year the collection is published, demonstrating a diverse range of collaborations and experimental works. Once the collection is published, the work is removed from the website, making way for the next year’s work. The Calendar reflects the current importance of online content media, pushing image/text relationships in this domain through contemporary art writing.

Contributors: Rebecca Jagoe, Erin Eck, Skye Arundhati Thomas, Samuel Kenswil, Daniella Valz-Gen, Alex Margo Arden, Artun Alaska Arasli, Stacy Skolnik, Laura Morrison, Benjamin Edwin Slinger, Harman Bains, Audry B
Publisher: Montez Press
Series: The Interjection Calendar
242 pages
10cm × 16cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783945247242
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