Mikhail Tolmachev // Beyond Visual Range

Iwona Blazwick: "The museum is at once a repository of both history and of myth. It is the site of engagement for Mikhail Tolmachev, who studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig and was commissioned by the V-A-C Foundation in 2014 to create a work in Moscow’s public space. With Beyond Visual Range Tolmachev makes eleven incursions into these dense displays. His theme of ‘the eyes of war’ asks how conflict is represented and by whom ? Epic in scope and complexity, Tolmachev’s project mounts a multidimensional investigation into the relationship between voice and vision, history and memory."

Contributors: Bart de Baere, Katerina Chuchalina, Martin Schmidl
Publisher: MMKoehn
200 pages
98 colour illustrations
60 black and white illustrations
21cm × 30cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783944903101
28,00 €
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