Lisa Oppenheim // Billowing

Out of print

This artist book accompanies Lisa Oppenheim’s first solo exhibition in a German institution. Her work reflects an ongoing exploration of the medium and history of photography. An atmospheric quality is carried throughout the works in this book. Images of billowing smoke have been produced without the help of a camera. Made from negatives sourced through internet archives and Flickr, the photographs are printed with traditional darkroom techniques, or textiles are placed on photographic paper to create photograms. Despite the lushness of her borrowed imagery, neither romanticism nor nostalgia gains the upper hand. Using appropriation, visual reduction, and serial arrangement the artist engages in a subtle reflection on conflicts that continue to define the photographic medium: between the original and the replica, between representative and the abstract. Contains 4 fold out posters.

Publisher: argobooks
24 pages
20cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783942700306
13,00 €
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