Raphaël Dallaporta // Fragile 

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French photographer Raphael Dallaporta presents his latest series: Fragile. This work features frontal and objective shots of organs and limbs taken from corpses. Dallaporta worked with a team of forensic surgeons for this series. While the physicians were looking for causes of death, Dallaporta recorded the body parts they examined and the instruments they used. The power of this work comes from the combination of apparently neutral images and texts relating to human pain. Divided into case studies, a short summary of the events are accompanied by full-page colour illustrations. Essay by Samuel Rouvillois: “Sarx and Escaton”, conversation with Pr. Michel Durigon, forensic doctor.

also available in French (no ISBN).

Contributors: Samuel Rouvillois
Publisher: Editions GwinZegal
100 pages
24 colour illustrations
2 black and white illustrations
24cm × 34cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9782953792621
64,00 €
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