Inflection #03

New Order

In the context of recent global political and economic disruption, architecture seems no longer equipped to address the demands of contemporary society as an isolated discipline. One solution offered in this crisis of relevance is the notion of transdisciplinarity characterised by the hybridisation of distinct disciplines. Transdisciplinarity is the New Order. Inflection Volume 3 explores the achievements, limitations and future implications of this transdisciplinary age, weaving together a fragment of the tapestry that is expanded architectural practice. In tracing the trajectory of this New Order, this issue uncovers the matter that binds architecture together in this fragmented, yet hyperconnected epoch.

Contributors: Rory Hyde, Forensic Architecture, Lateral Office, Breathe Architecture, Luke Pearson
Publisher: AADR
Series: Inflection Journal
144 pages
45 colour illustrations
32 black and white illustrations
20cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783887784805
24,00 €
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