Jan Van Munster // Licht | Light

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Electric light as a theme and 'material' (in the broadest sense) of art plays an important role in the oeuvre of Dutch artist Jan van Munster (1939). Since the 1970s, and in particular since developing his Brainwaves (from 1997 on), many of his sculptures work with sources of light or may be described as illuminants radiating into the surrounding space. This book for the first time comprehensively documents the extremely heterogeneous group of van Munster's works with light, thus impressively demonstrating the significance and the diverse use of light in the work of the sculptor.

Contributors: Dr. Peter Lodermeyer
Publisher: Jap Sam Books
170 pages
23cm × 31cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-94-90322-25-0
49,50 €
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