Alexandra Catiere // Nobody Believes that I’m Alive

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In this work, Alexandra Catiere confronts absence, a presence that can not be in a state of instability where times overlap, merge, mingle. Her photographs do not have this, they invite us to put away our lives who suddenly becomes trivial and too conventional. And what is beyond our certainties, reaffirmed every day in our world so well arranged, suddenly has the face of a disturbing humanity because repressed. Day after day "we go our way," not to let us "corrupt" with that which is beyond our understanding. Until the chance, fate, impromptu come bring down our beautiful scaffolding. So our eyes can perceive the complexity of new, precarious, fragile that by which we exist. The strength of Alexandra Catiere's work is to make us face ourselves, to each other, in an otherness that is not intended to obliging nor conclusive. She confides her look like an invitation to not look away.

Publisher: Editions GwinZegal
96 pages
22cm × 29cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9791094060094
30,00 €
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