Marcel Dzama // Opposition and Sister Squares Reconciled

Marcel Dzama: I have chosen to have Marcel Duchamp‘s book re-printed quite simply because I love both Duchamp and chess. In it‘s original printing it didn't fare too well selling-wise and Duchamp apparently had a closet full of the books which he gifted to friends whenever they came over to his home. Regarding the book‘s failure to sell he has been quoted as saying, „..that the problem it poses, only comes up once in a lifetime even for chess masters.“ I also like this quote by Ernst Strouhal, „Opposition and Sister Squares“ is an artist‘s book for chess players and a chess book for artists.

This Collector's Edition comes with an original collage with drawing by Marcel Dzama, a rare object of an edition of 20 signed and boxed copies.

Contributors: Marcel Duchamp, Vitali Halberstadt
Series: Ex Libris Collector's Edition 20
224 pages
20 colour illustrations
25cm × 28cm
Format: Slipcase
1 790,00 €
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