Nanna Debois Buhl // Palm Tree Studies in South Tyrol and Beyond

A peculiar phenomenon of the Northern Italian city Merano is its large population of palm trees. The majority of the Merano palm trees belong to the species Trachycarpus fortunei, which was brought to Europe from East Asia in the 1830s. The first palms were planted in the city around 1880 as Merano was transforming into a health resort and a tourist destination. With her artists’ book Palm Tree Studies in South Tyrol and Beyond, Nanna Debois Buhl seeks to trace the palm trees’ botanical trajectories and symbolic dimension.
Back in print 2017!

Contributors: Joanna Banham, Nanna Debois Buhl, Otto Huber, Susanne Stacher
Publisher: Humboldt Books
48 pages
24cm × 34cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788899385071
10,00 €
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