Malick Sidibé // Perception

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In July 2006, Malick Sidibe set up shop in a photographic studio in Britany France. The set up was similar to his Bamako studio, rugs, textiles as backdrops, lights either sides.. The first day is quiet but slowly word spreads and within 3 weeks he has to refuse people. The local Boulanger, the police man, the postman, the fireman, banker, traveling DJ, old timers and teenagers alike, locals and tourists pass through his studio. In this series, Sidibe frames a colourful portrait of a small French community with his signature Spartan style and a lot of humour and much visible enjoyment by his models.

Publisher: Editions GwinZegal
112 pages
106 black and white illustrations
17cm × 22cm
Format: Paperback
Language: French
ISBN: 9782952809955
15,00 €
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