Raphaël Dallaporta // Ruins

Out of print

In autumn 2010, Raphaël Dallaporta traveled to Bactria, northern Afghanistan, with a specially created pacifist drone. Designed to give a French- Afghan archaeological team a new perspective on its fieldwork, it photographed the historical palimpsest on the ground, capturing Achaemenid Empire-era fortifications and the remains of an aqueduct built by a long-extinct civilization, as well as surveying the strategic mountain passes used by Alexander the Great. Ruins is a photographic record of the drone’s flights and the traces left by history, as well as a testament to a unique adventure.
This artist book publication comes in a foldout card box with 4 large foldout posters (100x68cm), 4 smaller foldout posters (50x35cm), 1 contact sheet + 1 booklet.

Publisher: Editions GwinZegal
24cm × 33cm
Format: Box
ISBN: 9782953792683
40,00 €
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