SAC Journal #02

Mediated Architecture. Vivid, Effervescent and Nervous

MEDIATED ARCHITECTURE –  Vivid, Effervescent and Nervous  is the second issue of the SAC JOURNAL, presents three projects designed at SAC during the last eight years:  Theatre of Immanence (2007), an installation and exhibition project in Städelschule’s Portikus gallery; Digital Bodies (2013-14), an experimental research project in transformational modelling; and Orkhēstra (2014), which was an installation on a large, public square in Frankfurt and part of ‘Luminale’, Biennale of Lighting Culture. The projects vary in scale and nature from gallery installation via laboratory-style modelling experiment to an urban intervention. They span a period in which architecture’s contribution to the production of space has become increasingly mediated by technology. Each in their own way, the three projects probe this condition and explore new design opportunities given to architecture. The results are vivid, effervescent and nervous –  and always a mediated architecture. Accompanying extensive portfolios of drawings and pictures that document the respective design processes and their results, are texts that expound on the theoretical and practical implications of each project.

Contributors: Sanford Kwinter, Daniel Birnbaum, Maraike Bückling, Sebastian Oschatz, Mathias Wollin, Mirco Becker, Johan Bettum
Publisher: AADR
Series: SAC Journal
144 pages
100 colour illustrations
21cm × 27cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783887784294
24,00 €
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