The Exhibitionist No. 5

Journal on exhibition making

The Exhibitionist was founded in 2010 as a journal by curators, for curators, in which the most pertinent questions of exhibition making today would be considered and assessed.
Contents: Scott Watson: Frozen Memory / Bisi Silva: The Other Story. Between a Rock and a Hard Place / Hans Ulrich Obrist: After the Moderns, the Immaterials / Tirdad Zolghadr: Getting Started / Walead Beshty: Under the Big Black Sun: California Art 1974–1981 23 / Rita Gonzalez: Now Dig This! Art and Black Los Angeles 1960–1980 / Mark Godfrey: Phenomenal. California Light, Space, Surface / Anne Ellegood: State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970 / Frances Morris: Permanent Evolution / Christine Macel: Rooms for Thought / Mari Carmen Ramírez: The Dilemma of “Activating” the Permanent Collection, or, How to Thaw the Frozen Assets / Ydessa Hendeles: Curatorial Compositions / Suzanne Cotter: Sharjah and Its Biennial / José Roca: Peripheral Vision: 8 Mercosul Bienal / Jens Hoffmann: Endnote.

Contributors: Tara McDowell, Scott Watson, Bisi Silva, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Tirdad Zolghadr, Walead Beshty, Rita Gonzalez, Mark Godfrey, Anne Ellegood, Frances Morris, Christine Macel, Mari Carmen Ramirez, Ydessa Hendeles, Suzanne Cotter, Jose Roca, Jens Hoffmann
Publisher: Archive Books
63 pages
12 colour illustrations
19cm × 26cm
Format: Paperback
10,00 €
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