This is the Flow

The Museum as a Space for Ideas
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What role do the visual arts and museums play in our society--and what role might they play? This Is the Flow compiles a series of essays on a diverse range of subjects, such as the difference between nightclubs and museums, the nearly moot distinction between high and low culture and the question of whether art can express global contemporary values. This volume posits the theory that museums must reestablish their legitimacy and engage in a more explicit relationship with society; it engages provocative ideas about the current artistic climate while introducing new possibilities concerning the place of the museum in contemporary society. The essays in this volume are penned by a diverse selection of notable cultural producers, including Rotterdam International Film Festival Director Rutger Wolfson, critic Cornel Bierens, filmmaker and curator Edwin Carels and critic Chris Darke.

Contributors: Cornel Bierens, Edwin Carels, Guus Beumer, Valentijn Byvanck, Chris Darke
Publisher: Valiz
260 pages
19cm × 26cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789078088240
10,00 €
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