Frans van Lent // Unnoticed Art

In our present time, passing unnoticed is a very recognisable experience. Although the popularity of social media demonstrates our aim for a few minutes of fame, in fact it emphasises the impossibility of this. We can share an experience with friends, with equal minds, but it will only be noticed by that limited group, undetected by the rest of the world.

To pass unnoticed is the defining notion of the Unnoticed Art Festival. It embraces the fact that genuine engagement will be limited to a small group of those involved. I assume that, because of not being perceived by others, because of this public privacy, the performer will experience the connection with the work and with the group more intense.

The core of the book is the index and descriptions of 34 performance concepts carried out by volunteers at the Unnoticed Art Festival in May 2014. Connected to the concepts are the experiences and comments of the volunteers who have been executing the works. Within the framework of this festival we chose to document in the form of personal notes only. No photos of videos were taken, to avoid the special attention of passers-by.

The last part of Unnoticed Art  contains an essay, 'Three Positions', on the development of the video performances of Frans van Lent into the concept of unnoticed art

Contributors: Maria Martens
Publisher: Jap Sam Books
74 pages
13cm × 20cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789080867505
15,00 €
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