Lon Pennock // Works

'By investigating simple forms seemingly borrowed from objective reality, Lon Pennock developed an aesthetic language related to that informing Concrete Art, which draws solely on such geometric elements as the rectangular solid, the cube, the cone or the cylinder.' – Thomas Köllhofer

'Even early on in his career the artist concentrated on rectangular solids, the cube and the cylinder, on beams that were rectangular in cross-section or plate forms and has on this basis allowed an increasingly free oeuvre to grow that is as light and playful as it is rich in associations and poetic. The works it comprises look on occasion almost terse in design due to their supposedly fortuitous creation. And yet this seemingly casual existence is the quality that gives Pennock's works their inevitable presence, that locates them, for all their abstract appearance, directly in the world immediately surrounding them.' – Thomas Köllhofer

'Often in Pennock's oeuvre, movement and peripety are created through the use of diagonals – in sculpture, always a classic way to break through the stagnation and to suggest Iife.' - Frits Scholten

An impressive monograph on Dutch artist Lon Pennock (1945). The book documents 15 years of works and contains his sculpture works and works on paper.

Contributors: Thomas Köllhofer, Frits Scholten
Publisher: Jap Sam Books
120 pages
101 colour illustrations
4 black and white illustrations
25cm × 30cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789490322809
29,50 €
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