Aneducation - documenta 14


This is not a book of good intentions.It attempts to introduce a chorus of voices that speak from different positions on aneducation, the education program for Learning from Athens, documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel. Instead of objectives and overviews, target groups and outcomes, successes or failures, the program was determined by process and experience. In thinking through the body it was possible to examine how we come together and recognize knowledge not as a one-way transmission but as a form of exchange that can be circulated. 
aneducation aimed to complicate the politics of ‘knowing’ as institutional practice—namely, its genealogies and the power relations it imposes. It was not only about knowledge, but the daily embodied practices of listening, walking, gesticulating, performing, doing, reading, and being in dialogue with others.
The entries raise questions around methodology, infrastructure, desire, and of education. Some terms are conceived individually with others in mind, while some are collectively generated. So who is the we? The ‘we’ is many individual, collected, and shared voices. Instead of failing to attempt representing the ‘we’, it has been important to speak from the first person singular—a complex web of subjectivities, encounters, and conversations indecipherable from the lines that intertwine them.
Words alone cannot carry the meaning of our individual and collective experience; language has its limits, its lack, but also its power. As a semantic mode of witness, a way to deal with the collective production of sounds, gestures, voices, and encounters through words, the vocabulary issued here comprises a vehicle towards blurring linguistic and subjective hierarchies.
This is one of many introductions and perhaps no introduction at all.
Also available in German / Greek.

Contributors: Arnisa Zeqo, Anton Kats, Alkisti Efthymio, Clare Butcher, Sepake AngiamaJanine Armin, Design Mevis & Van Deursen with Ronja Andersen and Marius Schwarz Amsterdam, Carmen José
Publisher: Archive Books
384 pages
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishGreek
ISBN: 9783943620801
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