Pieter Vermeersch // Acoustic Abstractions

Pieter Vermeersch: Acoustic Abstractions offers an in-depth analysis of Pieter Vermeersch's artistic production from 1998 until today, with a special emphasis on his intervention at STUK in early 2006. It contains three essays: Hilde Van Gelder focuses on Vermeersch's thorough renewal of abstract painting today, Paul Cruysberghs addresses the question of the sublime in relation to Vermeersch's work and Stephane Symons explores - from a Duchampian perspective - the impact of Vermeersch's 'painting on glass.

Contributors: Hilde Van Gelder, Paul Cruysberghs, Stéphane Symons
96 pages
18cm × 23cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789076979397
17,50 €
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