MER. Paper Kunsthalle

MER. Paper Kunsthalle was established in 2005 as an independent publishing house looking into the book medium as a place to exhibit art. Since their incipience, art books often developed as rigid catalogues or aide-mémoires. They were seldom considered as genuine spaces to exhibit living art. However, from Dada onwards artists have always thought of books as exhibiting spaces. One of MER. Paper Kunsthalle’s main goals therefore is to provide this exhibiting space to artists by creating an institutional platform that publishes art books in a different fashion. MER. calls itself a Paper Kunsthalle; because it initiates, develops and supports art exhibiting within the medium book. Over the years, MER has gained substantial expertise in the field of high quality art publications. Since 2012, MER has initiated additional imprints, such as AraMER, which publishes international artistic research in close collaboration with art schools, AsaMER, which focuses on art theory, essays, monographs and architecture books, and MediuMER, which centres on photography, (graphic) design, and the performing arts.