Ricardo Brey // The Futility of Good Intentions

Que Le Importa Al Tigre Una Raya Mas

This book can be seen as the core – or at least a main synthesis - of the overall aspiration of Ricardo Brey for his upcoming project in Cuba. It has therefore been developed as a separate undertaking. While it is not an artist book in the traditional sense, it is definitively a project by an artist. Its ambition is to create a sense of the artistic space that Brey wants to offer, with a polyphony of voices and an immersive sphere in which a quality of behavior is of prime importance. It will offer an integral view of his oeuvre, in which the historical is integrated but the focus is on present validity.

Contributors: Bart de Baere, John Welchman, Jimmie Durham, Sandra Sosa, Thomas Miessgang, Jesse McKee
288 pages
24cm × 31cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishSpanish
ISBN: 9789491775352
35,00 €
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