Renato Nicolodi // Ni Co Lo Di

Ni Co Lo Di not only provides an overview of 10 years of artistic practice by Renato Nicolodi (° 1980), but also brings seven tributes to sources of inspiration. This voluminous book is designed by Onno Hesselink. Because the square is an important constant in Nicolodi’s work, the book too has that shape and contains four texts by writers from different fields. The monograph is an ‘encounter’ between the artist and Dutch architect Wim van den Bergh, philosopher Ben Overlaet, psychologist Joannes Késenne and art historian Marie-Pascale Gildemyn. It’s a beginning, a foundation, in the way that this baggage of images and stories is decisive for the path the artist will follow with his work.

Contributors: Wim van den Bergh, Ben Overlaet, Joannes Késenne, Marie-Pascale Gildemyn
324 pages
25cm × 25cm
Format: Hardback
Language: EnglishDutch
ISBN: 9789491775925
45,00 €
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