Jef Verheyen // Le Peintre Flamant

Jef Verheyen (1932-1984) is one of the most important Flemish artists of the twentieth century. This book brings together contributions from international authors, exploring for the first time, from a variety of perspectives, Verheyen’s art and his close connections with the avant-garde Group ZERO. A quarter of a century after his untimely death, Verheyen’s abstract paintings are re-examined, interpreted and accorded their place in the history of art. The production of the book has led to the rediscovery of a painter who had fallen into oblivion. Here, unpublished texts and letters and a wealth of photographs bring Verheyen’s creations back to life. Book published on the occasion of ‘Jef Verheyen & Friends,’ at the Langen Foundation in Neuss.

“Jef Verheyen painted an essential distillation of his vision, a perfume of the visible, and his paintings offer their viewers possibilities of seeing something new, remembering things forgotten, and experiencing things they have never experienced before.” Dirk Pörschmann


Contributors: Tijs Visser, Dirk Pörschmann, Jenny Trautwein, Johan Pas, Francesca Pola, Beate Kemfert, Tiziana Caianiello, Léonore Verheyen
256 pages
23cm × 23cm
Format: Paperback
Language: German
ISBN: 9789461170071
45,00 €
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