Scopin // Asphalt

Scopin works with asphalt. Asphalt is a natural or engineered mixture of the binder bitumen and aggregates. Bitumen, Latin for "pitch", refers to a naturally occurring and petroleum-derived mixture of various organic substances, an essence, a preserved plant and animal life.
In the new works of Albert Scopin, the power and beauty of this primordial substance becomes visible. Scopin does not paint, he let the asphalt follow its own form. This is hard work with viscous cooking material. Unlike in its everyday use, the asphalt at Scopin may find its sheer material presence. Cast and spread on wooden beams, jagged surfaces that reflect the light in countless refractions create their own animation.

Contributors: Bazon Brock, Martin Hartung
Publisher: argobooks
168 pages
21cm × 26cm
Format: Paperback
Language: German
ISBN: 9783942700719
25,00 €
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