Ludovik Vermeersch // Personally, I'm Most Interested in The Shapes and Colours

Marking a symbolic hundred years since Malevich painted his iconic Black Square, this publication investigates the continued potential of abstract art as a disruptive, iconoclastic or radical practice. Taking the form of a pastiche and integrating fictional elements within a theoretical framework, this book offers an experience of contextual abstraction, while using the specific case of abstract painting today to reflect on the role of narrative constructions in our experience of contemporary art. Twelve authors and six artists respond to a theoretical proposal put forth by the Belgian artist and curator Ludovik Vermeersch. Vermeersch suggests that in order to allow paintings to successfully "perform" their abstraction, one has to subvert the narrative framework they operate in. The book is a carefully composed attempt – a script, in fact – to do exactly that.

Contributors: Sarah Bal, Emily Doucet, Anna Ernst, Sarah Hayden, Marc Holthof, Kristof van Baarle, Charlotte Van Buylaere, Pieter Vermeulen, Aleksey Miroshnichenko, Erik Porath, Jens Presser, Stefan Römer, Rahel Schrohe, Yulia Seghers, Martin Steffens Ludovik Vermeersch, Radoslaw Kosiada
304 pages
17cm × 23cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789491775901
25,00 €
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